Hi there! My name is Vanessa Perez I’m a AFPA certified Holistic Nutritionist, qualified personal trainer, and overall an empowered woman who is changing lives by teaching the power of living a holistic lifestyle. As a little girl I’ve always been overweight unable to manage my weight. Dealing with my parents divorce, anxiety, and lack of self confidence I would eat food for comfort tipping the scale at almost 200lbs. Feeling low in energy, unhealthy, and lack of living a fulfilling life; I had an epiphany when I came across the concept of holism and shifted my entire mindset and how I view health, fitness, and overall wellness. Now I am healthy, fit, and most importantly have learned the importance of self love. Sharing with you not only my fitness journey, but also what has worked for my clients to live optimally. I’ve committed to bring to you a different approach to health and fitness that incorporates enjoyable effective workout routines, customized whole foods nutrition, and most importantly learning to live a balanced lifestyle where you’re still able to nourish and flourish in all facets of your life!


Nesspowerfit is a growing community that was founded by a woman for women to create a movement and bring awareness about living a healthier more sustainable lifestyle, through the power of a holistic approach to our everyday lives. By addressing the whole person we are able to cure the body from the inside out. We also believe in taking the holistic paradigm and applying it to our local communities, environment, and the entire planet as a whole.

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